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Lavender and Wrath’s Giveaway


  • Must be following Wrath-Fire-Ice.
  • Reblogs and Likes count. Please try not to spam, only one entry per tumblr will be counted.
  • Ends on May 23, 2014.
  • No shipping requirements.
  • Must be 16 or older.
  • Winner will be selected by random number generator.
  • I will require the email address of the winner.
  • If the winner does not respond within 24 hrs of the winner being announced a new one will be selected.


  • First Place: A $50 dollar gift card to Etsy
  • Second Place: A $25 dollar gift card to Etsy

Pretty simple, right? This way the winners get what they want, instead of random crud from me. I’d rather help someone get some cool Etsy stuff and support those fine sellers out there. Enjoy and good luck!

Special Note: If this gets over a thousand notes I will add to the prizes, some of my original art and poetry.


Kalli Edmo, designer, boxer and Miss Shoshone-Bannock 2010.

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You are just a little boy who’s scared to be on his own.

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this is gorgeous but i can’t help but think how scary it would seem at night, the leaves rubbing against the window, shaking in the wind and in the darkness it would mould into lots of shadows in the shape of monsters and witches

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☾ Enter my world☽

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Western Tanager.

This bird is on my “Dear god, I want to see this bird so badly!” list.

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I know how it feels to want to forget everything. I also know how it feels for someone you love to get killed for no reason, and to want to trade all your memories of them for just a moment’s peace. I didn’t know Will long, but he changed my life. He changed me. And I know Tris changed you even more. The person you became with her is worth being. If you swallow that serum, you’ll never be able to find your way back to him.

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